Moon dust.

In a previous blog post, I indicated that I would be putting my novel on hold and switching gears. At the time, I had a rough idea for a short story that I wanted to explore, and decided to make it the subject of my next project.

Although it took me several months to actually commit and put some thought and effort into it, I managed to finally do that this week. The result is the first of three installments of my brand new short story, Tranquility.

I plan to have the next installment completed and posted here within the next week, if I’m lucky. I was actually pretty shocked at how quickly and easily Part I just kinda spilled out onto the page, so I’m hoping the next two parts follow suit.

–UPDATE 4/8/17–
Part II is complete and uploaded!

–UPDATE 4/15/17–
The third and final installment is now available!


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